Do you need HELP
to access the JOY, the PEACE and the BEAUTY
that lies WITHIN YOU ?

" I was in a very anxious state of mind all day.
You clam me down totally!
I feel so happy now. " 

Are you having DIFFICULTIES
to truly ENJOY
your meditation ?

Are you so overwhelmed emotionally that you CANNOT LET GO during your meditation ?

Are you so much engrossed in your day to day life that you CANNOT STOP THINKING when you meditate ?

Are you EASILY DISTURBED by externals sounds as soon as you seat quietly ?

Are you calm but NOTHING MAGICAL HAPPENS when you try to go deep inside  ?

Roshan Sylvia has helped thousands people
reach peace, joy & healing
trough their meditation

With proper guidance and a positive energy flow during your meditation you will be able to  enjoy these benefits.

  • Mental stillness and clarity
  • Feeling of peace and relaxation 
  • Emotional freedom and happiness
  • Healing and self development

Roshan is trusted by 250K+ PEOPLE on YouTube for being able to CHANNELIZE POSITIVE ENERGIES.

  • Soothing voice
  • Understanding of energies
  • Spiritual knowledge

She will help you UNLOCK  

Customers share their experiences

 "It was very beautiful experience. I could feel the energy inside me and at some point tears came out of my eyes while letting go of all negative emotions and felt peace and calm. Further more I have felt that during this meditation energy was flowing in different part of my body at different time. Overall it was wonderful experience to know myself deep inside. Thank you 😊

September 2021

September 2021

 "I purchased the meditation today and I did the meditation and I loved it ! I love the relaxing nature sound in 432hz and your soothing sound and your wonderful words ! I was looking for a guided meditation and I'm glad I found it ! [...] I already feel peaceful and relaxed from the meditation and I wish to continue to meditate everyday ! Thank you Roshan for the wonderful September message and this meditation

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August 2022

 "This is such an amazing meditation!! Your aura is amazing. 😌 Oh lovely music with soothing voice of yours took me somewhere else. I was in a very anxious state of mind all day. You clam me down totally! I feel so happy now

December 2021

December 2021

 "This medication was relaxing and peaceful I felt a huge energy shift as well. So happy I found you Roshan!

September 2022

Purchased this meditation on

"Tears shaded throughout the meditation. I felt like u r healing me with ur precious beautiful energy. Thank you soooo much dear.🙏"

Purchased this meditation on

January 2022

 "I thought I didn’t like meditating until I did this one. I felt the most relaxed I’ve ever felt doing a meditation.

September 2022

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What you will you get ?

Roshan Sylvia has poured tons of love and positive vibes in this meditation.

During this practice, she will guide you progressively so that you can easily reach deeper inner spaces of peace and bliss.
Suited for beginner as well as advance meditation practitioners.


Roshan Sylvia is a gifted spiritual worker that has the ability to channel positive vibrations. These vibrations are captured with the audio track of the guided meditation. Not only do you get steps to progressively immerse yourself in the meditation state. You also get all the positive energies Roshan Sylvia is able to channelized. That makes it a very special guided meditation.

It took lots of time and resources to prepare this meditation. The music is an original composition. The audio is carefully edited for an optimal quality that results in a more relaxing and immersive experience. Roshan Sylvia's years of experience and acquired knowledge … All this for the price of 2 Starbucks coffees. It is a little amount for a lot of benefits.

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        What you will get in this plan?

        • One guided meditation in video
        • Beautiful and original
          background relaxing music
        • High quality audio for a truly
          soothing experience
        • 1 additional video with
        • You can download the
          meditation in MP3 audio format

        "Thank you, I’ve done only couple of sessions yet but the calmness and difference felt after it was just amazing ♥️🙏🙏""

        September 2022


        "It was very very soothing, relaxing and I really went into deep relax state and felt quite very light and positive even when the video ended. I am going to listen and practice the things on a daily basis."

        September 2022


        "Absolutely amazing meditation. I felt the cool in both hands, been trying my hardest to mediate for weeks. I was able to mediate today thank you"

        February  2021


        "This guided meditation is priceless thank you so much dear soul I felt so light, calm & rejuvenated, may the divine continue to bless you so that you can bless us with such healing 🙏"

        January 2022


        "Thank you Roshan, I suffer with heart palpitations, I practice mindfullness and deep breathing techniques that do help, however with this meditation I actually felt the ectopic heartbeats disappear, thank you!!"

        September 2021